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Hello, again!  💕

I’m interested in feedback on how each of you are feeling today.  For me, today has felt a strange calm.  Inside all of the chaos of this rapidly changing environment the rhythm of being home is starting to settle a bit on our farm.  Certainly the fear of illness and financial stresses are at an all time high.  But, somehow the stress of everyone being home full time is sinking in a bit.  We’ve adjusted a few pieces of our schedule and continue to allow ourselves to be creative and make changes as they seem to fit the situation and our family best.  Leave me a comment below to let me know how you are.  Or, certainly feel free to shoot me a message or text.

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I think the single biggest question that I have been getting as families move to prepare schooling their kiddos from home is what our typical daily schedule looks like.  As I mentioned in my family blog post yesterday, Navigating the Transition, there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  For example, we are a relatively structured family.  I thrive on organization and a written plan.  My husband and I have worked from home for a long time.  This means that we are accustomed to some of the things that are new to many of you.  And, we have a wide age range in our home: PreK, Elementary, Middle, and High school aged children.  So, what works for us may not work best for you.

It is also incredibly important to remember that your home is not a school.  More than ever, your home is a safe haven and place of peace for your family.  Bringing your child’s education into your home does not mean strict hours or grueling work.  Allowing flexibility and regular home activities is a pro to homeschoolers everywhere.  We don’t rise at the crack of dawn to jump into a busy day.  Use this gift of being home with your family to sleep a little later or steal away a few quiet moments for yourself.  Morning family routine has been an awesome gift to my crew- extra snuggles and a warm, family breakfast for the win!

Start with a plan and plan to adjust as you go.  Understand your needs, as well as your children’s.  And, enjoy this time with your kiddos.  It is unique and a time that will become part of our child’s life story.

The Keenan Crew Typical Homeschool Schedule

Our typical Homeschool Schedule runs from 8:30a-1:30p on Monday- Thursday and wrap’s up around 1p on Friday.  
Our day is laid-out in 15 minute increments.
Monday-Friday includes PE, a family fitness time.
Our Electives are: Monday- Art, Tuesday- Music, Wednesday- Cooking, Thursday-Photography

6:00a  I get up before the rest of my crew.  It is a time that sets the tone for my entire day.  I drink coffee (maybe the most important part 🤣), journal, do my bible study, prayer, and meditation, and review the plans for the day.
7:00a  Everyone is up!  We use this time as family time.  We snuggle, talk, and watch some of our favorite morning shows together.
7:30a  Breakfast Time and Pet Care (I typically start a load of laundry!)
8:00a  Everyone Dresses, Brushes Hair and Teeth, and Makes Beds
8:30a School starts.  Each School Day is a little different with curriculum.  But, generally looks something like this::
Language Arts
9:45a  Outside Walk to the Barn/Brain Break
10:00a  Snack & Outside Play (I typically switch laundry over to the dryer!)
10:30a  Wash-up & Reading
11:00a  Lunch
11:45a  Elective
12:15p  PE: Family Workout
1:00p  Spelling and Classroom Pick-up
1:30p  Outside/Free Play- This is the end of our school day and a time of day when I jump in to knock-out work emails, editing, blogs, etc.

The remainder of our day changes a bit depending on whether I have to work outside the home.  But, typically::

4:30p  Everyone pitches in to accomplish their chores
5:00p Dinner Prep, anyone whom can help does ❤️  This is a fabulous teaching time!
Then Dinner and Family Time, followed by Showers, Books (we incorporate our children’s bible study here), and bed


I hope this helps!  If nothing more, hopefully it can get your brain moving in a direction that helps put a workable schedule together for your crew.  I know these times are SO freakin’ difficult.  But, the time with our kids is an awesome gift.

I’m here, if I can help.
With Grit & Grace~
Sarah Keenan


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